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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms. 

I had a neighbor as a kid, that found out I was interested in the military and WWII, when I was maybe 7-8-9 years old, and he invited me over to his house one time, showed me a picture of him with general Douglas MacArthur, and gave me, and my brother I think some of his insignia's, and badges and what not wich we promptly played with and lost in the back yard, then, I got some uniforms from my uncle George after he retired and I got 3 field jackets, and a Camouflage tropical jacket...perking my interest. Then as a family tradition I started getting stuff from my other uncles...during the process I had retired, and started some how collecting some pediculatus expensive German uniforms, and- got into the super rare, and expensive insignia- back on uniforms, to represent then rather than the box on the shelf...I got more of my uncles stuff, and my Dad and a close friend-both Marines passed away, and I grabbed up a bunch of Maine old wartime stuff....and on and on friends have given me there stuff, traded a little, and, , so I made a site to show them a bit-before they go back into storage and then who knows I've had to split that site in to two Separate site- and having to re-learn the process all Patient please, I know many of you like one or the other, the original site that started out German stuff, with now be all the American Uniforms in the Collection, and the German Uniforms will come here to be show, all will hopefully retain their full stories, and what the represent, and in the process tell the story of WWII bit by bit uniform to uniform....Thanks for looking at the site, and hope you like it. Mark.