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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms. 

Photo Gallery

Part #2, Heer Generals: Part #2, Heer Generals: Generals Walking Out Uniform: This would be a Brigadier Generals Walking Out Uniform, Semi-Formal Affair. Hence No Belt or Holster. He wears standard general officer breeches along with General Officer Schrimmutz. This Generalmajor is a Veteran of three different conflicts the First World War, the Spanish Civil War and the On-Going and represents a General in a Panzer Division in 1942. 205888013 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: You ca see that there are actually 3 different types of materials in the making of this uniform, the cap's crown is of a fine Doeskin, his jacket, a blue-grey Prussian colored Gabardine. The Breeches Slightly different material, and darker Field Grey. 205888168 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: Decorating this fine uniform worn for ceremony are the Gold and Red Collar Tabs and Shoulder Board Insignia, His "Heer" National Eagle above his right breast pocket, the Gold Bullion Insignia, backed in Green. In this shot, he is wearing strait leg trousers 205888170 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: In this photo, we able to see his German Cross in Gold fairly well, and the eagle again. He is seen soon after reviving a gift of a Short Sword, Traditionally carried weapon of the famous Cossack's. Here again we see the the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross at his throat, and Has Gabardine Generals Breeches. 205888171 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: On his left pocket, he has hung the First World Wars Tron Cross with the 1939 Bar (Eagle with Swastika) above it. He had been wounded three times or more during the Fist World War, also earning the WWI Panzer Assault Badge, and the Panzer Badge of the Second World War. 205888172 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: We can see the ribbons here the first four from the First War, the first one is the Iron Cross 2nd class with the 1939 bar attached to it, then two Wehrmacht Long Service awards, the Austria Annexation Medal, the Sudetenland Medal with the Prague bar on it, and the the last two are from the Spanish Civil War. 205888169 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: A color photo shows the variations in the colors between the coat and cap, and tough you cant see the trousers, rest assured they different. 205888173 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: This was actually a very common occurrence. And generals have more cloths the the basic foot soldier, in fact they have aids that carry this stuff with them as the General moves around the front. 205888175 Heer, Brigadier General-Generalmajor: A closer look at his Generals cap, it's bent style bill, connected to a bottle-green band-edged with gold piping, and gold bullion wreath, and cockade on it. The top is soft with a nice curve to it, also with gold piping, and eagle on it. Topped off with the twisted cord, golden eagle with bottle green backing. A jewel in itself. 205888177 Gebirgsjager General: I'm sure the were several Mountain Generals, and This General looks pretty decorated, and serious. 205888180 Gebirgsjager General: The General was a 1914 - 1918 "First War"" Veteran earning several several medals,including a wound badge and both Iron crosses. 205888182 Gebirgsjager General: He later fought with the German Volunteers in Spain against the Communist Forces there. 205888183 Gebirgsjager General: At his throat the 1939-Ritterkreuz, Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross is known, that he won during battles on the Western Front in 1945, so this would represent one of the latter uniforms he wore. Note prior's picture lack of Ritterkreuz was just that I overlooked it picture was to show how jacket looked with breeches. 205888184 Gebirgsjager General: Here we see how he wears his Ritterkreuz. 205888187 Gebirgsjager General: His ,,Generalmajor'' collar tabs, with the 2 Gold-Bullion Stars on the Bright Red Background. 205888188 Gebirgsjager General: The shoulder boards follow suite with the Bright Red Backing the overlay here 3 strand gold, silver, gold braided cord for the rank insignia. 205888189 Gebirgsjager General: The 2. Gebirgsjager Division used black Head of a Caribou on golden-yellow elongated Square was the Divisional Emblem, but often seen as just the white head on vehicles. 205892598 Gebirgsjager General: The Heer symbol for Gebirgsjager the Edelweiss Mountain Flower in a Circle-is a bit different then that of the Waffen-SS version, the loop being a climbing rope, with grapple at the top and, this particular example is a nice rendition, only used with Generals, Yellow Gold, as is the flower, yet instead of the Heer style green backing-this one is black. 205888212 Gebirgsjager General, Feldgrau Uniform: Sewn above the Ost Front button hole Ribbon is the Ehrenblatt-Spange des Heers (Honor Roll Clasp of the Army) positioned on the EK-II ribbon. 205888211 Gebirgsjager General: Here is a good close up of the Deutsche's Kreuz in Gold, and the Spanienkreuz in Copper. It has come to my attention I have a incorrect Spanish cross on both of these uniform, my mistake- and I will remove it, what is supposed to go in the loops provided is still a mystery though. Hate this when this happens....but it does, 3-4 now have been called out, and that's ok. 205888186 Gebirgsjager General: Some of of the other in-correct-but possible badges..... 205888213 Gebirgsjager General: lesser possible...but it was rigged like this for a while... 205892601 Gebirgsjager General: maybe lesser even...but occasionally seen. 205888214 Gebirgsjager General: On his ribbons bar, the 1939 and 1st World War Prussian Honor Cross, War 1914-1918 Cross - or the Hindenburg Cross followed by 2 Heer Long Service Medal's.. 205888215 Gebirgsjager General: The other previous War M with 1938 Spange this is the 1 piece version, and below it the Black Wound Badge (1914-Verwundeten). 205888216 Gebirgsjager General: The in inside as with most Officers, a nice lining and pocket is provided. 205888217 Gebirgsjager General: With the uniform a fine pair of Stiefelhosen, of a similar material at his Tunic, with 3 Bright Red Stripe, wide skinny wide, indicating his General Stature. The button fly un inner part of the General Breaches. it has the common 4 button closure at the ankles so for tucking into tall black Riding Boots. 205888219 Gebirgsjager General: The BERGM�?�?�?�??TZE was a special cut with the early one having a short bill on the front and a bit taller peak for the cap, at times turning comical, they were very popular, so much so, that by 1943 most all the armed forces, and right down to postal officers, and police men all wore a similar hat. 205888218 Gebirgsjager General: A simple, typical Heer style size stamped inside on the tan liner, not also this is a gabardine like material, and very soft an fine, with gold braid piping added to it, and guilt buttons, though the national eagle is still bevo, rather than a heavy bullion or something. 205888222 Gebirgsjager General: And last but not least, his ID Tag and it's pouch. 205888223 It has come to my attention I have a incorrect Spanish cross on both of these uniform, my mistake- and I will remove it, what is supposed to go in the loops provided is still a mystery though. 205892833 Gebirgsjager General, Summer Uniform: The Summer Uniform of Generalmajor Hans Karl Christian Degen, who served as commander of the 2. Gebirgsjager Division from the invasion of Poland until the wars bitter end. 205888225 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) The Summer Uniform of Generalmajor Hans Karl Christian Degen, who served as commander of the 2. Gebirgsjager Division from the invasion of Poland until the wars bitter end. 205888835 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) The General was Veteran of the 1914-1918 War, then again in Spain, with the Legion Condor Group, returning to Innsbruck, Austria to form the Division from the former 6. Austrian Mountain Division, created in the aftermath of the Austrian Anschluss in 1938. 205892832 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) We have presented here Degen's white summer uniform as it was seen after March of 1942, the date he received the German Cross in Gold. The Division and Degen were mobilized August 26. 1939, and entered Southern Poland and took part in the march to capture the Polish City of Lemberg. 205888836 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) At his throat he wears the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes for his example of leadership at the front. After the campaign in Poland the Division took part in the Invasion of Norway, Seeing action in the Narvik area in support of the 3. Gebirgsdivision in May 1940. 205888837 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) The boards are a custom added item here-as it is visible there once was a removable button type in place. The Embroidered twist cord General Boards are a fine example none the leas, and may have come with his promotion to general. 205888838 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) With the Opening Up of the Barbarossa Operation, and Germany's Invasion in to the Soviet Union in June of 1941, this unit became part of the XIX Gebirgskorps on in 20. Gebirgsarmee and took part in the Drive towards Murmansk and would fight alongside the Finn's there. Note here -The Guilt-ed National Eagle Insignia, really is a nice addition to to the uniform. 205888840 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) After the Battles, the unit had been stationed there for Occupation Duty way up North of Norway and in the Lapland's Area. The Black Backing, makes this look like a SS Insignia, but it is a special addition to this particular uniform, to make it stand out more. 205888839 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) The Division then to part in the actions in the central Norway, then the operations against the English Forces attempting to reinforce the Norwegian Forces and Resistance. 205888842 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) The Germans had been trying to link up with the 3. Gebirgsjager Division that was holding on to the Northern part of Norway. Note here the Spanish Gross is removed, and was worn this way part of the time, late in the war, it was not popular to wear other countries medals as Balkans, and Hungary, Etc., as they fell one by one to the allies, so the loops were filled with command badge 205888841 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) He has on this ribbons bar, the Iron Cross 2nd Class, Frozen Meat-Ost Front, and 2 Long Service Ribbons. The jacket has the Gold Buttons of the General Rank Jacket Standard. With the jacket was worn Stone-Grey Stiefelhosen with 3 Red Stripes on the sides and Black shoes.. 205888843 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) The General has his First-War's, 1st Class Iron Cross-with the 1939 Spange on it, under it he has the Black Wound Badge from the 1914-18 War. All the Badges, Buttons and Insignia, were affixed in such a way that they were removable for washing-and bleaching the uniform. 205888844 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) His Cap-no slouch ether, it is a 1st class example of the Heer General Cap, of a earlier pattern, with the Silver Bullion insignia, all top notch. 205888846 Gebirgsjager General, Scharmutz: The Brim or what I call the "Visor" Short, and thin but sturdy with a brown underside. Gold chord pipping threw out, and a nice bottle green Band and the fine gold twist cord Chin Strap. 205888220 Hans Karl Christian Degan (White) He wore a Sword or dagger with this uniform, hooked on by a internal strap in the jacket, and no belts worn with it. This cap is a fine example of the late pattern generals cap. The makers name was painted on the plastic-waterproofing / anti sweat lining. 205888847 Gebirgsjager General. 205888224 Gebirgsjager General: 205888181