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The German Military Mark

The M.D.Stone Collection of German WWII Uniforms. 

New Book out, from the Soldat, featuring my uniforms, covers most of the HV/Beamte-Specialists (Civilians) that worked for the Armed Forces of WWII Germany.

Me and my friend Mr. Cyrus Lee, who pretty much helped me build the entire collection-about 85% of the collection went threw his hands in one way or another, we have now managed to put together several books, starting out with adding to his series of books, We have now added a new series 'In Country"! to show the American 'Vietnam Era' part of the collection, specifically I have some of the books, and you can order them threw Soldat too,( The US. Site Now) and the (German Uniform Site Now is check them out.

Where Cyrus's many volumes cover how to recognize a 'Real' Uniform ,and cover 'Real' Insignia, I propose shown what can be done with the Reproduction Uniforms, and my attempt to display the real insignia on what the uniform would have looked like, and the early stages of what was matched together....I'm happy with these, and we put 2 of these books out.

We than had another idea, in how to do this, so made the M-36 uniform, of the Early German Style uniforms and a good part of the collection went into this book, and in fact has been upgraded already with far more uniforms in it. Think that id you are interesting in WWII German Uniforms, you'll like this too.

The we did a spin on things with this book-The Vietnam War Story needs to be told, and by going threw the different uniforms, and there stories, can for a picture of what went on there, it wont answer the why's but it will answer when and where...and my American and-well ARVN uniforms are a collection in itself! 

I can see someday maybe in the future, doing books on my other US uniforms stuff, of WWII, Korea, and Foot Soldiers of the Vietnam, even a USAAF, and Navy flyers of WWII maybe, or USAF, or Navy....there is a lot to show, and tell stories about. 


                Thank You Cyrus, and Grant and the models for standing up to the projects, happy how all came together.